Ice Climbing Gear

Is it vertical? Is it frozen? We’ve got you covered. We rent ice climbing boots, crampons, ice tools, and helmets by the day. Keep in mind that the Ouray Ice Park requires all visitors to wear crampons and a helmet at all times.

We don’t rent ropes, harnesses, or other basic climbing gear. We also only rent ice climbing gear to people over the age of 18. Consider calling our friends at San Juan Mountain Guides or Peak Mountain Guides if you need more kit than we currently offer.

Cross-Country Skis

Ouray and Ridgway have spectacular opportunities for cross-country skiing, and we have the gear to get you gliding along in no time. Stop by for cross-country ski boots, cross-country skis, and ski poles.

We don’t rent downhill skis or alpine touring gear. You’ll have better luck with that at Ridgway Adventure Sports, a full-service ski and bike shop just ten minutes north of us.


We get about ten feet of snowfall per year, and you’ll get about ten feet through waist-deep snow before you decide that postholing just isn’t for you. Pick up some snowshoes and overboots instead for a much better time.